Introducing new Cloud Services from ChimeNet

ChimeNet is a data networking service provider offering innovative information technology (IT) solutions and 24/7/365 support for businesses where data transfer and security cannot be compromised. ChimeNet delivers unsurpassed security, reliability, and cost effectiveness to its healthcare, education, municipal and other business clients who need to share content-sensitive information, access the Internet securely, and deploy state of the art networking equipment. ChimeNet’s co-location facility supports customer disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

By designing, delivering, monitoring, and managing turnkey network security solutions, ChimeNet stays one step ahead in meeting the evolving needs of every client.

Cloud Services

Configure compute and storage resources using an on demand, “grow as you need” pool of resources, Carrier-agnostic connectivity, minimal latency and a high level of security. All built in accordance with NIST security standards.

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Co-location Services

Our co-location data centers are well engineered, well constructed, and expertly maintained. All clients' network equipment is securely housed in APC locking racks – utilizing the industry standard of hot aisle/cold aisle technology.

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Connectivity Services

ChimeNet provides fully managed connectivity solutions that drive reliable and secure data/voice communications for businesses, their remote offices, trusted business partners, and the Internet.


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Managed IT Solutions

ChimeNet is one of the state's premium managed WAN connectivity providers, with a successful track record of designing, implementing, and supporting secure and reliable WAN connectivity solutions, and meeting or exceeding each individual client's needs.

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Managed Wireless

ChimeNet provides its clients with both managed and unmanaged wireless connectivity solutions for their wireless local area network(s) (WLAN) and their wide area network/building-to-building (WAN) environments.

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Network Security

ChimeNet provides fully managed firewall security and virtual private network solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.


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