Case Study

Government Network Solutions Case Study

Design and implement robust and flexible Wide Area Network connectivity across multiple locations.
We deployed a combination of dark-fiber, wireless, and other broadband technologies to achieve full connectivity to all sites over a converged IP network.
Our solution enabled the municipality to exercise better administrative control over its network and enhance staff productivity as well as citizen satisfaction.

THE TOWN OF FAIRFIELD, Connecticut, needed flexible IP network solutions that would allow administrators to perform data consolidation of networks and extend services throughout the network, while providing a scalable foundation for future technologies.

The town commissioned ChimeNet to design and implement a customized managed connectivity solution providing seamless data file transfer, e-mail communication, and educational services across 12 municipal departments and 10 schools. Implementation of the integrated network enhanced employee productivity, improved responsiveness to citizens, supported education, and resulted in more efficient network administration.

Our in-depth strategic planning assessment of the municipality’s divergent network infrastructure recommended that the most cost-effective solution would be to create a single converged IP Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure to deliver data services to both municipal and educational offices.

To achieve these outcomes, ChimeNet’s team recommended a combination of dark-fiber – a premier voice and data connectivity solution – wireless, and business class connectivity technologies to achieve full connectivity to all sites over a converged IP network. This wireless security solution provides point-to-point authentication and centralized key management and distribution, safeguarding confidential business information as it is transmitted over the WLAN.

Our managed solution allows administrators to manage centrally network characteristics such as availability, responsiveness, resilience, and security at all locations, a capability that was lacking in the town’s previous system.

Most importantly, the IT solution safeguards security to protect sensitive government data and communications. Additionally, the network provides robust management features allowing the in-house technology and communications staff to administer the system.