Co-location Data Centers in CT

Our co-location data centers offer a highly available, resilient and secure environment for your mission-critical systems and applications. Our facilities are well engineered, well-constructed, and expertly maintained. Our supported data centers are conveniently located in Wallingford, Connecticut, which has the unique advantage of having its own municipal power company. Our data centers are off the primary Connecticut power grids, allowing for faster restoration of service during times of widespread power outages.

All client network equipment is securely housed in APC locking racks utilizing the industry standard hot aisle/cold aisle technology. We provide full in-line UPS backup, generated power, environmental monitors and controls, and a network cross-connect from your network rack to the ChimeNet backbone and beyond.

Our co-location data centers provide clients with the ability to increase data center capacity while eliminating significant capital budget expense to expand your current data center footprint. We can help you solve your data center capacity issues by leveraging our co-location facilities for your data center expansion.

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