How Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Managed IT Services

There is perhaps no better industry than healthcare to represent the monumental impact of technology. Not only has technology improved the quality, scope, and delivery of patient care, it has transformed how an increasingly tech-savvy population expects to be treated.

As in so many other industries, budgets rarely align with needs among healthcare organizations. This shortfall leaves providers seeking cost-effective ways to meet diverse and growing technology challenges.

What most don’t realize is that they don’t need to look any further than a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Whether on-site or remote, MSPs can provide healthcare organizations with proven IT expertise, helping you to reduce costs, meet complex project deadlines, and augment IT staffing.

Managed IT services are designed to help your healthcare organization maintain reliable internet and data communications, integrate cloud-based technologies seamlessly, share highly sensitive information safely, facilitate disaster recovery initiatives, expand your data center, and generally be confident that your network is available and secure.

Connectivity and the Cloud

In today’s digital era, healthcare organizations need to adopt mobility and communication solutions that connect people wherever they are. An MSP can help you deliver flexible, reliable connectivity that enables better care in the field, improves patient satisfaction and staff productivity, and bolsters secure information sharing.

For example, practitioners caring for patients in rural locations can access patient EHRs, facilitate physician order entry, submit prescriptions, and send encrypted emails using their smartphones and tablets. Patients can schedule appointments with their doctor, check test results, find information, and access on-demand resources on their healthcare provider’s website. Every dropped line, slow-loading page, and frozen file diminishes the user’s experience.

With an MSP such as ChimeNet, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our fully meshed and secure wireless networks include managed security services, secure remote access, hardware procurement, integration, and ongoing support. Our ubiquitous wireless coverage facilitates secure connectivity to clinical and business applications hosted inside your practice and in the cloud.

Our scalable connectivity services are designed to support the highest levels of clinician usability, patient satisfaction, and secure remote access.

In addition, our cost-effective broadband failover services offer physician practices built-in circuit failover capabilities, significantly improving network availability and minimizing damage caused by carrier outages. This is an excellent connectivity solution for accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician-hospital organizations (PHOs), physician offices, and specialty practices.

Like mobility solutions, cloud services enable healthcare professionals and patients to access systems and applications from any secure internet-enabled device.

At ChimeNet, we host our private/hybrid cloud infrastructure in our resilient data centers, delivering secure and highly available cloud services in a flexible, pay-as-you-go consumption model.

Compliance and Data Protection

Your MSP must be knowledgeable and up to date on healthcare compliance requirements. It’s critical that your healthcare technologies are compliant and that they meet ever-changing security regulations. This also applies to how data is transmitted and stored.

Healthcare organizations need to remain vigilant, securing patient and other sensitive information, systems, and records. While no technology company can guarantee you’ll never have a data breach, we can assure you that our network security services are designed to mitigate your threat risk optimally. We also recognize the need for your organization to have hardened and tested, backup, restoration, and disaster recovery strategies.

In step with network security best practices, we can host your network in our colocation data centers which are well engineered, well-constructed, and expertly maintained.

In short, you can offload much of your data center requirements to us so you can focus on delivering high-quality patient care. If you’re a hospital, physician practice, or other healthcare provider in need of full-managed IT services, contact the ChimeNet team today!