Top IT Challenges in Local and State Government and How Managed Services Can Help

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State and local government officials are perpetually challenged to do more with less. You’re being asked to increase operational efficiencies, enhance security, and improve IT services delivery — all while reducing costs. Your IT staff needs to meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile workforce and digital-savvy citizenry while dealing with legacy network infrastructure, outdated IT systems, sophisticated cyber threats, and changing government regulations and compliance requirements.

According to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), the top three priorities for CIOs in 2019 are:

  1. Security and risk management (governance, data protection, security frameworks)
  2. Cloud services (proper selection of service and deployment models, scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities)
  3. Consolidation/optimization (consolidating services, operations, resources, infrastructure, data centers)

These priorities are a tall order to fill when you’re already operating with a lean IT staff and carefully watching the budget. It’s time to rethink the role of IT in state and local government and capitalize on using technologies to do profoundly more with substantially less.

Here’s where a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) for local government can help.

As in the private sector, outsourcing IT tasks to an MSP is growing in the public sector. Government IT staff are turning to MSPs to help monitor, manage, and maintain the IT environment.

An MSP can help drive your costs down and efficiencies and productivity up, while giving your IT staff more time to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives that will move your business and communities forward.

Cybersecurity for Today’s World

Protecting your town and citizens’ data and government information is vital. Aging infrastructure, legacy IT systems, limited budgets, and lack of network visibility and control can make your agency particularly vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks.

An MSP can help you protect your critical infrastructure and data and can ensure that only trusted traffic is allowed to enter and exit your network. For example, network security services from an MSP may include:

  • Developing and supporting advanced security policies
  • LAN and WAN perimeter protection for your wired and wireless networks
  • Firewall policy enforcement
  • Intrusion detection
  • Web filtering capabilities.

An MSP can provide the network security expertise and protection that meets your specific needs, supplementing constrained resources and partnering with your IT staff.

Improve Your Citizen and Employee Experience with Cloud

Amidst the pressure to improve IT services delivery and to cut costs, state and local governments are turning to cloud solutions for economies of scale and agility.

Increasingly, your citizens demand the same type of experience with local government as they get in the private sector and their personal lives through mobile and other devices. They expect a seamless digital experience with easy, flexible access to information and resources, on any device anytime, anywhere.

Mobility and cloud capabilities are essential to your ability to meet citizens’ expectations, as well as provide your employees with the flexibility to get their work done.

An MSP can deliver secure, highly available cloud services hosted in its own resilient data center. An economical pay-as-you-go cloud consumption model not only reduces your operating costs but also allows you to buy just the compute and storage services you need when you need them.

Modernize Your Infrastructure Without the Overhead Costs

From providing basic Internet connectivity to supporting your wired and wireless networks, an MSP can fill the gaps caused by aging infrastructure, outdated systems, and limited IT staff and expertise.

An MSP, such as ChimeNet, delivers flexible, scalable, co-location solutions to ensure your network infrastructure is hosted in a highly available, secure data center. Among other managed services, ChimeNet offers:

  • Reliable, secure connectivity solutions for the public sector
  • Design, implementation, and round-the-clock IT support for your wired and wireless networks
  • Industry-standard wireless solutions
  • A full range of network security services to protect your business
  • Co-location, disaster recovery, and cloud solutions
  • Managed VPN for your remote sites, partners, and teleworkers
  • Predictive and physical wireless site surveys
  • Data, voice, and coax cabling assistance

You can drive your costs down and operational efficiencies up while strengthening citizen engagement, improving staff productivity, bolstering data and network security, and overcoming the constraints of outdated systems and limited IT staff and resources.

To learn more about how managed IT services can benefit local government, contact the ChimeNet team today!