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ISSUE: Our current location doesn’t have the space for a data center expansion so we’re looking for an experienced co-location partner.

SOLUTION: Our co-location services offer an opportunity for you to expand your existing data center footprint without additional capital investment and we can assist in your disaster recovery strategies. Our Connecticut-based, audited Tier 2 co-location data centers are well engineered, well-constructed, and expertly maintained by our trained, certified technicians who are available to assist you 24/7. We have made, and continue to make, significant investments in our co-location data center infrastructure, security, and environmental controls.

ISSUE: We’re growing and the demands on our network are increasing. How can we be sure that we have enough bandwidth to accommodate our current needs and future growth?

SOLUTION: Our Business Connectivity Solutions provide reliable and secure private and public connectivity services for your company, remote offices, and trusted partners. For over 20 years we’ve provided clients with fully managed WAN connectivity solutions that drive reliable and secure data and voice communications for their business, remote offices, tele-commuters, and trusted business partners.

ISSUE: When we invested in a technology upgrade in the past, the Managed Service Provider fell short of our requirements. We need an experienced IT company that can complete our project on time and on budget.

SOLUTION: You can trust that your IT projects will be completed on time and on budget with our Managed IT Services. We have a long and successful track record of designing, implementing, securing, and supporting wired and wireless networks of all sizes – from sole proprietors to enterprise networks. Our premium, innovative, fully-managed Managed IT Solutions for wired and wireless networks are a cost effective way to meet your organizations’ evolving IT needs.

ISSUE: Every year we add more wireless devices to our network but we haven’t upgraded our wireless network to match the pace of the increased wireless use by employees and visitors. We need an established, certified wireless partner to assess our current situation and offer wireless solutions that are both financially feasible and provide the security our customers want.

SOLUTION: We provide managed and unmanaged wireless solutions for our clients’ Local Area Networks (LAN) and their building-to-building wireless bridging requirements. Having achieved Cisco's prestigious Wireless Specialization certification our engineers possess extensive hands-on experience in designing, implementing, securing, and supporting wireless networks. Wireless networks have matured significantly over the last decade and now provide organizations like yours with speedy technology asset deployment, untethered employee mobility, greatly improved staff productivity, rapid network expandability, while incorporating the latest enhancements in wireless network security.

ISSUE: Every day there are news stories about hackers and network security breaches, how do I know if my proprietary data and business assets are truly protected? I need an experienced IT security company that will evaluate our current network security framework and offer proven solutions to protect our data, systems and applications.

SOLUTION: Our fully managed firewall and virtual private networking solutions will meet or exceed your business’ security requirements. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your firewall and security edge devices are securely “locked down” and only trusted traffic is allowed to enter and exit your network. Our network security services will meet or exceed your network security requirements.

ChimeNet’s solutions and services are a cost effective way to meet your organizations’ evolving IT needs.