Self-Service ChimeNet Help

IT self help

ChimeNet has completed and tested the connection to the Ability network for access to National Government Services (NGS), enabling a network connection to the EDS Enterprise Data Center (EDC) for DDE-FISS transactions for eligible customers. Previously, users had the option of choosing between the CDS and EDS datacenters, but NGS no longer uses the CDS datacenter. The EDS EDC system has a TN3270 front-end. Please use the following parameters when connecting.

  • Terminal Emulation Type: TN3270
  • Host Name:
  • Port: TCP/2130
  • Encryption: SSL

Network Routing IT Help

Access to the DDE-FISS system should come from a Public IP address that is in the address range. If your public address is not in the address range, please contact the ChimeNet Help Desk so that we can add your public range to the allowed access list.

Lime Portal Users

If you are currently accessing NGS via the IVANS Lime Portal, you will need to obtain and install an SSL-enabled 3270 Emulator. Please contact the ChimeNet Help Desk for more information.

Testing Connectivity Help

To test routing and network connectivity to the DDE system, you may ping CMS does not have an address you can ping to test the entire path to the servers, but this address will test most of the network connectivity. If this address does not ping, please contact the ChimeNet Help Desk.

Additional IT Help

If you are having connectivity issues please contact the ChimeNet Help Desk.

If you have questions concerning application usernames and passwords, please contact the NGS EDI Helpline.