PhysiciansYou don’t need to be an IT professional to understand what you need and why.

You can trust us to explain the technologies being proposed and why they’re important to your practice.  Healthcare IT is advancing rapidly.  We understand that, with the growing reliance on electronic medical records, Internet claims submission, computerized physician order entry, wireless network requirements, PHI protection, and regulatory compliance demands, any investment you make in technology needs to carefully analyzed and proven to be a sound clinical and business decision.

Your work is very important.  Let us worry about which Internet provider is best, which network security device you should use to protect your PHI, and how to establish a secure office wireless network that supports emerging healthcare technologies.

Some of the services used by our physician clients:

  • Broadband Failover

    Competitively priced, fully managed redundant Internet connections for your practice. In an electronic data world, having one path from your practice to the outside world is unacceptable.  Broadband Failover provides carrier diversity without breaking the bank.

  • Secure, fully managed wireless networks.

    We provide ubiquitous wireless coverage throughout your practice that facilitates secure connectivity to clinical and business applications hosted inside your practice and out to the Internet cloud.

  • Network security.

    Our sound, industry proven, healthcare-centric security strategies will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that, while you cannot safeguard against all computer network threats, you can mitigate most of them with an effective network security strategy.

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