Fibertech-Lightower Merger

As you may already be aware, the merger between Fibertech Networks and Lightower Fiber Networks was recently completed. The combined entities will now be known as Lightower Fiber Networks and will serve customers across a service footprint roughly double the size of each independent company. The new Lightower Network offers more than 30,000 route miles of fiber and, for Connecticut based customers, seamless connectivity along the northeast corridor, including New York City and Boston.

ChimeNet, one of Lightower’s largest customers, will continue to provide Lit and Dark fiber connectivity solutions at competitive prices. For our Connecticut customers, not much has changed. Fibertech had a significantly greater profile and staff in Connecticut than Lightower, and those resources have all been retained. We will still be working with the same account, installation, and repair teams that have garnered industry awards for service excellence. While there will eventually be some consolidation in back office processes, the Fibertech Network Operations Center in Rochester will remain in place.

We are confident that our relationship with the new entity will allow ChimeNet to continue to provide quality connectivity solutions at affordable prices.