Wireless Site Surveys

Our vast experience and demonstrated success in designing, installing, and maintaining Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and line-of-sight wireless bridges have demonstrated time and again that the most important component in installing a good wireless network is to have a verified, comprehensive, and fully documented wireless site survey prior to purchase or installation of your wireless network.

As a certified Cisco Wireless Specialized partner, our engineers design, install and support wireless networks and have documented the correlation between a well-surveyed network and a stable, secure and highly-available wireless network.

We employ best practices to determine optimal coverage for WLANs, ensuring the perfect placement of access points within a client's wireless environment.

For building-to-building, line of sight wireless connections, our comprehensive wireless site surveys detail external wireless mounting requirements (masts, brackets, lightening arrestors, outdoor wiring etc.), wireless antenna calibration, and wireless connection performance monitoring.

The Cisco site survey process also includes:

  • Testing multiple devices and wireless cards to ensure wireless network interoperability.
  • Detailed graphical wireless coverage (bubble) diagram documenting placement, coverage and configuration of access points, and location of any required access point data drops.
  • Technical accommodations for future network and application growth.

As a licensed Cisco Value-Added Reseller we can assist with the procurement of hardware for your wireless network.

Our certified engineers also provide 24/7 or next-business-day hardware maintenance support.